Fast And High Precision Jet Dispensing

High Precision Jet Dispenser for Micro-Volumes

With the growing demands of miniaturization and cycle time reduction, the jetting offers faster speed, high precision and more flexibility in terms of accessibility and trajectories. This contactless dispensing technique uses pneumatic or piezoelectric actuated valves to propel droplet of fluids out of the nozzle which results in dots of small size and volume.

As there is no contact with the surface and no necessity of a needle, the fluid can be dispensed into tight spaces along any trajectory such as thin lines, sharp corners, etc. However the major asset of propelling small dots from above the working surface is that no Z-motion is required, thereby significantly increasing speed and reducing cycle time.

Jet Dispenser

High frequency dispensing of low volume droplets with low and high viscosity products
Advantageous cycle time as no vertical motion is needed
Capacity to dispense into tight spaces with all shape trajectories
No contact to the working surface and no needle – low maintenance
Simple setting of the dispensing parameters via numerical controllersuch as drop size, pulse time, etc.
Heating of the valve seat to ensure high degree of repeatability of the drop volume

Technical Specifications
Typical Volume Per Drops
0.002 to 5 mm³
Dispensing Drop Quantity*
Max. 330 per second
Nozzle Heating Temperature*
max. 100°C
Power Supply Controller
230V/50 - 60Hz
Air Pressure
Max. 6 bar
Dispenser Dimensions*
22 x 90 x 160 mm
Dispenser Weight
<0.5 kg

*other possibilities available upon request

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