TR300 Table-Top Soldering Robot

Automatic Soldering Robot

The PC controlled TR300 “table-top robot” is a standard automatic soldering robot with a working area of 300×300 mm. It is used for semi-automated operations of selective point to point soldering from above.

The increasing requirements for processes in terms of quality, precision and repeatability lead to a similar increase in the necessary level of automation. However, when production batches are small or products widely dissimilar, the cost of sophisticated equipment can place automation beyond the reach of many would-be users. The TR300 combines the necessary flexibility with the required high levels of process quality and repeatability, all at reasonable cost.

The TR300 can be equipped with all the established mta® soldering techniques. These include soldering iron, induction, microflame and laser heads.

The 3 or 4 axes of the TR300 are fully programmable through the mta® MotionEditor software including soldering parameters such as:

Solder quantity, wire feed speed, preheating/postheating times, automatic tip cleaning cycle intervals and other parameters for each soldered point.

Technical Specifications
Working Area
300 x 300 x 100 mm
Cartesian Robot
3 or 4 Axes (option: T axis)
Shift of Axes
Point by Point
Positioning Repeatability
±20 μm
X and Y: <200mm/s, Z <100mm/s, T <=3.14 rad/s
Electronic Control
Industrial PC
Operating System
HMI Windows Oriented
Ethernet / USB port / Serial port
Execution Mode
Standalone or slave with PLC via I/O interface
Axes Actuation
Step by Step Motor
Power Supply
230/115V – 50/60Hz
Power Consumption
1 kVA
Air Pressure
Max. 6 bar
804 x 732 x 995 mm
~125 kg

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