MSH150 Soldering Iron Head

  • Soldering iron head with numerous easily accessible mechanical adjustments indicated by colored markings
  • Graduated scale to easily return to previous product and process adjustments
  • Embedded temperature controller, PID regulator close to the process
  • Compact, light and rigid structure, ensuring excellent process stability and reduced cycle times
  • Solder tip long life span
  • Easy and fast tip changeover with guaranteed repeatability of tip position
  • Specific tips according to the application
  • Controlled wire presence and feeding
  • Lead free compatible
Technical Specifications
Iron Power
Iron Temperature
Adjustable to 450°C (837°F) and Standby mode
Temperature Accuracy
± 2°C (regulation over a 4-20mA current loop)
Plug-in Connection
Integrated in the head
Power Supply Controller
115/230V – 50/60Hz
Air Pressure
Max. 6 bar
Iron Head Dimensions
200 x 200 x 180 mm (without monitoring camera)
Iron Head Weight
~2.3 kg
Solder Wire Diameter
0.3 – 1.2 mm (1.6 mm upon request)
Solder Wire Quantity Accuracy
±2.5% / Power supply: 24VDC

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