Induction Soldering Head

Induction Soldering Technology

  • Large heating capacity
  • Dimension and geometry of the spire according to the application
  • Entirely transistorised system
  • Soldering without contact
  • Suitable for brazing (hard alloy)
  • The non-conductive parts of the components to be soldered are not heated by the induction
  • Controlled wire presence and feeding
  • Lead free compatible
Technical Specifications
Induction Head Coil Power
Max. 32kVar or 45kVar
Induction Head Coil Diameter
Min. 4 mm and Max. 12 mm
Induction Head Dimensions
123 x 95 x 62.5 mm
Induction Head Weight
~2 kg
Generator Dimensions
275 x 265 x 140 mm
Generator Weight
~10 kg
Generator Power Supply
Pressure: min. 3.5 bar – supply: 1.5 – 2 l/min.
Controller Dimensions
275 x 265 x 140 mm
Controller Weight
~5.7 kg

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