Top Loading Ovens and Dryers

Top loading dryers are used on manual and automated finishing and NDT lines and are called well dryers. Caltherm have designed and built over 100 top loading ovens and dryers – no other company has that experience.

Top loading ovens are often used for heavy components, where they are loaded with an overhead crane or hoist.

Well Dryer For Drying Baskets of Turbine Blades

With a pneumatic lid, this well dryer is loaded with small baskets of turbine blades via an electric hoist. It is at the end of a manual NDT line, drying the components after the final rinse.

Electroplating Line Gas Fired Well Dryer

Fitted at the end of an jobbing electroplating line, this well dryer dries the jigged components before delivery. The production line is fully automated, the the dryer communicating the the control PLC to ensure the dryer is running and at temperature before work is loaded by an automatic gantry crane.

Aircraft Engine Top Loading Heat Treatment Oven

This top loaded oven is used for the heat treatment of aircraft engine shafts – clearly a critical component. It is a Nadcap class a oven operating at better than +/-3°C of the setpoint throughout the calibrated volume. A sophisticated Honeywell control system controls the oven temperature and time profile, plus recording many product temperatures to ensure the process specification is met.

Oil and Gas Industry Drill Head Heat Treat Oven

This oven, seen in our works ready for delivery, is used for heat treatment of oil and gas industry drill heads. It is loaded by an overhead crane, using slings. The single lid is pnuematic, hinged through 90° giving clear access to to the ‘V’ blocks that carry the shafts in the oven.

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