Large Box Ovens

Caltherm large box ovens are primarily used in the production of composites in aerospace and motorsport. Customers choose Caltherm time and time again because of our ability to build ovens to high standards of temperature uniformity and supply the attention to detail needed in ancilliries such as vacuum systems, control and logging and the application of Nadcap AMS2750E in the aerospace industry.

Aircraft composite nacelle post cure oven with vacuum system connected to an internal manifold. Vacuum transducers are connected to a complete control and data recording system. This large oven has controlled cooling via a high volume extract fan and motorised dampers to control input and extract air volume. The door is motorised, operating vertically. An internal pull cord turns off the heat and opens the door in an emergency.

Used for heat treatment, this oven is 20m long and is loaded with a single trolley. It has temperature uniformity of +/-3°C throughout the working volume. A Siemens PLC controls the various zones and logs air and product temperatures. This oven is to Nadcap AMS2750E, furnace class A.

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