Conveyor Ovens

All Caltherm conveyor ovens are bespoke. From small electrical connectors to five tonne lead billets, we work with Caltherm to design and build a solution for you, so contact us and we will visit to discuss your application.

  • All conveyors are fitted with electical invertors for accurate speed control.
  • Temperaure control is with Eurotherm digital temperature controllers.
  • Central access in to the chamber via lockable doors.
  • Belt tensioners ensure a reliable drive.

Electrical Connector Curing Oven with Honeycomb Belt

Electrical Connector Final Cure Conveyor Oven

These conveyor ovens cure electrical connectors that are placed on the honeycomb-mesh belt by the operator. With a temperature uniformity better than +/-5°C, the ovens give repeatibility through consistent curing time and temperature.

Large Conveyor Oven Preheating, Curing and Cooling Moulds

At the other end of the scale, this is a multi-zone gas-fired curing conveyor oven integrated into a plastic moulding production line. The installation also included a preheat and cooler that are similar in sze and arrangement.

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