Bespoke Automation - Machines for the Assembly of Microtechnical Products.

In the micro-technical assembly sector, Sysmelec offers a differentiated answer to each application taking into account the required flexibility, the specified production volumes, the processes to be automated.

SYSMELEC precision assembly machines can be based on a rotary table; constructed along an asynchronous transfer chain or conceived as an autonomous cell with one or several robots executing both robotic assembly and transfer tasks

Our long experience in precision assembly of miniaturised products enables us to master even the most constraining assembly techniques. Where high precision assembly is required, either under permanent vision control or executed according to previous measurement Sysmelec are able to offer a solution. Where tasks such as laser welding of delicate and/or very small components; glue/resin dispensing, on site polymerisation; stamping, bending, inserting, or placement of inserts for over-welding Sysmelec can configure a solution. With a range of solutions, Sysmemlec can offer varying degrees of precision assembly depending the product requirement and specifications for automated production output.

  • Complete range of precision assembly cartesian robots and mini robots.
  • Sub-micron assembly of miniaturised components.
  • High precision assembly under vision control.
  • Innovative company.

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