Temperature Measuring Face Reader

Up to 50,000 people capacity, multi-language voices

A must for all controlled entrances is the Temperature measuring face reader. This in-expensive device can be set to permit entrance to authorised people only, admit only people wearing masks, admit people only who are within a defined body temperature range, or a combination of these checks. The device can be connected to turnstiles, barriers, alarms or other safety equipment, either existing or installed by Contax engineers.

Main Features:

  • Capacity of Profiles: up to 50,000 persons
  • Real‐time facial temperature detection
  • Type: wall‐mounted or turnstile/table mounted
  • No Batteries (Plug adapter)
  • Voice: Supports Italian, English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, and Japanese.
  • Biometric Facial Depth learning‐based algorithm, stable and quick, which supports face recognition even with mask.
Technical Specifications
215 x 125 x 20mm; 8 inch LCD
Operating Temperature
-20°C ~ 60°C

± 0.3°C (within 35°C ~ 39°C)

± 1°C (within 0 ~ 35°C  or 39 - 70°C)

Voice Broadcast
Body Temperature Alarm
Detection Distance
0.4m - 0.7m
Focal Length 1.8mm, field of view 118°
Maximum Resolution
1920 x 1080 @30fps

Multiple applications

  • Light weight
  • Easy to be installed on different mounting support

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