Metal Detector Gate with Temperature

Infrared temperature measurement integrated with the security gate of metal detection

The walk through gate can double up as a metal detector and a body temperature check. People pass through the gate and present to a temperature sensor. When someone is outside a programmed temperature range, an alarm/light will activate. Like wise for any metal detected. The device can be purchased for body Temperature monitoring only or for both functions.

Main Features:

  • High sensitivity: Can detect controlled knives,
    guns and precious metal above 150 grams.
  • Anti‐interference design: According to the surrounding environment, the starting frequency is automatically set to avoid interference.
  • Passenger count
  • Safety protection: comply with international
    safety standards. Harmless to heart pacemaker
    wearers, pregnant women, magnetic media, etc.
  • Sensitivity adjustable: Sensitivity can be adjusted
    as needed, a total of 1000 sensitivity.
Technical Specifications
Gross weight
70 kg
Power Consumption
< 15W
Operating Temperature
-0°C ~ 40°C
Operating Humidity
95%, No condensation
Power Supply
187V ~ 242V, 50/60Hz
Working Frequency
Adjust according to the installtion environment
Outer Dimension
2210(H) x 810(W) x 605(D) mm
Inner Dimension
1980(H) x 700(W) x 605(D) mm

Multiple applications

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