Shuttleworth Conveyors

Contax Automation is proud to be partnered with Shuttleworth to provide high-quality conveyor systems and devices to meet the needs of the automotive, e-commerce, electronics, food & beverage, healthcare/pharmaceutical, paper, personal products, printing & binding, and solar industries. With an in-house engineering design, fabrication and assembly teams we offer dedication and expertise in building durable aluminum and stainless steel equipment that provides a highly-efficient solution to directly improve your bottom line results.

Our conveyors offer durability and reliability to ensure your production line is operating at peak performance with minimal downtime and changeovers. Our team of highly skilled engineers and designers are dedicated to tailoring each conveyor system specifically to your unique application requirements. These systems are available in belt or chain drive to accommodate a wide range of applications.

For more information, browse below through our supply of conveyor technologies or contact us or call our sales team on +353 52 6129822

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