TB 50 Conveyors

Characteristics of TB 50

  • Cleanliness and durability of the stainless steel sliding base
  • Robust and compact anodised aluminum accessories
  • Precision of the drive Pper roller Ø50 in anodized aluminium
  • Silence and reliability of the toothed belt transmission
  • Strip width: 70,100,150,150,200,300,400,500,600 mm / Max. overall length: 6000 mm (beyond that, please contact us).
  • Type of belts: smooth PVC, or adherent PVC, food PVC smooth PU, PU difficult environment, other types on request
  • Accuracy and stability of the tension and alignment adjustment of the conveyor belt
  • Rigidity of the structure in 40×50 anodised aluminium profile (8 mm groove for square nuts 13 mm)
  • Wide range of speeds available, three-phase geared motor (90 w or 180 w 230/400 v)
  • Load capacity from 40 to 100 kg depending on width
  • Speed and inclination: please contact us
  • Drive: Direct / Remote or Intermediate

Characteristics of the TB 50 Articulated

  • Band width: 70/100/150/200/300/400/500/500
  • Max. length: 4000 mm
  • Max. speed: 48m/min
  • Drive: Direct / Remote / Intermediate

Characteristics of the TB 50 Drum Motor

  • Band width: 290/390/390/490
  • Max. length: 2000 mm
  • Max. speed: 48m/min
  • Drive: Motorized Drum


  • Standardised Jambs
  • Aluminium Profiles
  • Support Roller Kit
  • Knife Tip Kit
  • Lateral Guide
  • PE/Stainless Steel Guide Profile
  • Groove Nut

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