TB 24 Conveyors

Characteristics of TB 24

  • Cleanliness and durability of the stainless steel sliding base
  • Robustness and compactness of anodized aluminum accessories
  • Precision of the drive by Ø24 stainless steel roller (drive: intermediate)
  • Belt width: 20, 40, 60, 60, 80, 100 mm / Max. overall length: 6000 mm
  • Type of belts: Smooth PU or food grade, other types on request
  • Rigidity of the profile structure in 23 x 17.5 anodized aluminium (8 mm groove for 13 mm square nuts)
  • Wide range of speeds available for geared motors (60 w or 90 w 230/400 v) three-phase

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